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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Change the World - Expose Internet Bullies

Written by Mathew Naismith

Not too recently I came a cross a lass who was being bullied on the net by a number of people, basically, being accused of presenting fake material to support her views and falsely so. It turns our that this lass was being bellied by people who belonged to a certain group/ism.

I am often accused of being brash, aggressive and plainly negative on the net, especially after giving evidence to support my views.

I have lost count how many times I have come across other people being bullied on the net, what's worse still, numerous onlookers just sit by allowing this to occur. The most funniest thing is here, these are usually the same people who want to help change the world the way it is.

Do you find something ironical here? If you are unwilling to change the little things in life, how is one to help change the world? It's plainly not going to happen.

Expose bullies for who they are.

It's obvious to be a bully, one must express a certain amount of ignorance, of course deliberate incognisance will create bullies and abusers alike. Yes, bullies are indeed abusers in their own right because of their ignorant status. They are also controllers who want to control a situation, discussion or a discussing board as a whole.

It's simple, expose these people as bullies, abusers and controllers and most of all, expose how ignorant these people are. Don't sit by and let this occur because it's judged as being negative, conflictive or of some kind of expression of a lower vibration. Is it of a lower vibration if we sit by and allow this to occur, without lifting a finger, to help other people who are obviously being bullied?

This act of so may people allowing other people being bullied on the net, just shows people like me how little we truly want to change the world, it's this simple.

Exposing people in the way they are expressing themselves, isn't negative or of a lower vibration or bad, it's just simply expressing the truth of the matter. If the truth seems this vile to you, the world will obviously stay as it is, this is true.

Start off with the little things in life to help change the world as it is, it couldn't get simpler than this. Freedom comes through starting off from the little things and letting it grow, plant the seeds of freedom that will eventually outgrow these kind of actions and expressions.                 


  1. Yes, the little ankle biters are many. Always hold your ground or ground beliefs. I have been standing up to bullies for over 50 years and have found them to be cowards once exposé. They work in the shadows and politic when you are not around. I have found many of these types in Spiritual or Light Worker forums. I have been throw out of or banned from more than I would like to count.

    I agree...don't be bullied by anyone. Red flag or ban them...

    Take care and have a lovely 2017,

    1. Indeed Mike, I have been banned from certain forums myself for standing up to bullies/abusers, I've also left spiritually loving forums that obviously support this kind of behavior.

      When you stand up to these people, you are often judged negative, the problem with this is that anything that isn't of other people's positives, is often judged as negative, I couldn't think of anything more negative. Everything not of their positive is negative, wow!!

      As you know Mike, I am not an advocate of a black and white mentality like this, it's too of separatism and destructive in nature.

      People like you and I are making a difference, no matter how small that might be. Defending someone else from bullies, is but a small difference, speaking of our own truth is but another seed to making a small difference. We are the true change Mike because we are trying to change the little destructive things in life, not the world as a whole straight off.

      Be blessed for the new year Mike.....