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Monday, 23 January 2017

Just Like the Birds in Our Garden

Written by Mathew Naismith

Because I have never studied in or followed any isms, ideologies or concepts in my life, it is becoming apparent that this lack of influence by these isms, ideologies and concepts, is setting me apart from most other people's views. My posts and blog's are becoming more and more conceptional to a different way of being, a being that seems to be beyond present human perceptions a lot of the times.

This post, I thought, was going to be about why we are embracing love so much and justifiably so, however, we need to also realise how destructive and negative love, especially when expressed to an extreme, is to other existences. I will get back to this topic but I obviously needed to touch on the topic of why my views are often unaccepted accepted by many people.

The following is a reply I gave to someone just recently in regards to subjectiveness being plainly not of our true being, I think this gives a clearer perspective of my views and insights.        

My Reply:
Because we have been conditioned by certain ideologies and isms that are based/influenced by human perceptions, this view that everything has always existed and has always been apart of us is hard to acknowledge and accept. We bag the ego, which is time, space and matter, we are therefore anything other than what we bag, and egotistically so. We egotistically want to be just of all this light and love or nothingness but where not, not in my mind.

In my mind, we need to consciously ascend/evolve from our present consciousness that is primarily based on human perceptions. Basically, we need to format the hard drive to ascend/evolve, this means becoming unconditioned to our present consciousness based on human perceptions, ideologies and isms:)

Thinking that subjectiveness is ego, therefore not apart of our truer being, is not true for me, this is an old human perception we need to format/delete for it no longer has relevance, or should not have relevance if we are going to ascend/evolve in my mind.


Now back on to what I initially thought was going to be the topic of this post.

Looking out into our garden from our veranda, I sit a watch birds flutter quite merrily and contentedly in our garden, they seem to be in utter bliss void of any emotions of love or hate, bad or good, right and wrong. They seem to be just being, a being in a heavenly state of existence it would seem.

It is hard to imagine that any existence would be heavenly if we took love out of an existence, especially extreme expressions of love; in our present circumstances, this is understandable. You see birds do not have a perception of chaos, hate and destruction; they are just being void of these perceptions. Because we experience and perceive these things, especially to excess, we valuate that any other heavenly existence would have to be full of love, in actuality, any kind of bird like existence would seem like heaven to us in our present circumstances. We often cannot perceive or imagine this so we go to an extreme in opposition to our present reality of chaos, hate and destruction.

We are however embracing love for a vary good reason, it's healing to start with plus it takes us away from all this chaos, hate and destruction in the world around us. It is nurturing and peaceful and gives us a sense of security in a very insecure world. No, there is utterly nothing wrong with this. I should point out at this time I am not comfortable with extremes, one extreme always creates the opposite extreme, as of all extremes, they are destructive, especially towards each other and anything else in between.

Now how is love destructive? Love is negative towards negatives to start with, it's also destroys hate within it's own presence. Hate cannot exist in the same space as love. Again, there is nothing wrong in love negating/destroying hate within it's own presence, the point is, love is destructive and negative especially when expressed to an extreme. To me, our true being in a peaceful heavenly state cannot be destructive, even towards chaos, hate, destruction, and even negativity.

This is a prime example why I, like the birds in our garden, do not express a black and white mentality of negative and positive, love and hate. Today, I do not even judge myself being positive; I do not have to for it no longer has a purpose in my life anymore. I am more like the birds in our garden these days, just being within my present reality void, to one extent or another, of one perspective or another. As of any life existence, there is a life and death struggle for which we in the end lose, this is the same with birds, however, their existence is a lot more heavenly than a lot of us have ever experienced.

Yes, we can experience this kind of heavenly reality but we need an extreme in opposition to another extreme to do this, we need to destroy or have negative thoughts against an opposite to feel like this. This is not like these birds in our garden in any sense. Yes, love, especially when expressed to an extreme is negative towards chaos, hate and destruction, love is anti-hate within it's own existence and expression.

Yes, I know, love isn't supposed to be the opposite of love, then what is the opposite of hate? Love, all of what is has an opposite like our states of oneness, pure awareness, nothingness or what ever, has an opposite. As time is the opposite of timelessness, finite existence or being is the opposite of infinite existence or being, one creates the existence of the other. Our truer being or self also has an opposite. It is said that our truer being is pure awareness, I call it wisdom. The opposite of this is of course ignorance, which many of us have judged as being an illusion or of a fake existence, I find it strange how the controlling ego wants to be something more grander than what it is so it judges everything it doesn't want to be an illusion or fake!!

It really seems we are going to continue on the roller-coaster of extremes, this is very much unlike the birds in our garden that are not expressive of any extremes.

A state of heavenly existence does not rely on extremes; it relies on a balance existence with all of what is. Yes, it is quite understandable that while experiencing one extreme that we will be enticed to express another counteractive extreme, however, this reaction will only keep on creating counteractive extremes. One motion creates a counter motion like a pendulum; it is ongoing until one finds true balance between opposing motions just like a pendulum while motionless. Like a pendulum while motionless, it's this quietness that creates heaven, not extreme opposing motions!! 

I would rather exist within my reality like a bird, for the bird is free of human extremes and opposing diversities. This is me, neither one or the other for I am free of one or the other.                      


  1. I have considered from time to time that because I look where others don't (or won't) look, I end up seeing what others don't (or won't) see. I can relate to the whole, unique perspective thing, I have felt that way as well, everyone has. You mention being "beyond present human perceptions." Try not to sell humans short though. And bear in mind; what is epiphany today is concept tomorrow.

    I don't think it's only "isms" and ideologies and concepts that shape perspective, there is so much more to it than that. The number of variables involved is in the tens of thousands. Just one single person alone represents more variables than I'd want to count. Some of those variables are outside influences. Much of what you mention in your writing here is demonstrably a result of being swayed by outside variables. Don't call them by an "ism." Deny they are conceptual, say they aren't ideological, they're still all just more variables. Being influenced by our surroundings is an inevitability, what we do with it is a choice.

    Separate yourself from others with your unique perspective or dig a bit deeper and see that they each have a unique perspective too and every one of them is an opportunity to learn something.

    1. Stating that I am beyond present human perceptions is recognition in that this is where I am at; it is not putting human consciousness down.

      I mentioned isms, ideologies and concepts for they seem to be the main influence here. I must state it how it comes to me, anything else would deny the reason for this approach I feel.

      If I separate myself any further from others, what I state will not be understood, not just by other people but also by me as well.

      Would I be better off being more passive within my writings to reach more people? To reach more people yes, to reach the people I am supposed to, no. Is not the way I write a perspective other people can learn from?

      If I expressed myself more passively, my writings would be lost in the maze of numerous passive writings; I also would not be reaching the people I am meant to reach at present. My writing style and expressions are neither overly passive nor active; it is centred for a very good reason anonymous.

      I dearly appreciate your concerns here anonymous, at present, I have to stay centred in the way I express myself. Thank you again for your concerns.