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Saturday, 18 February 2017

On the Mountain Pinnacle

Written by Mathew Naismith

The pinnacle of success or achievement is so different for each person, one group of people desire a world of material wealth and power; others desire a world of love and light, of course both world desires are controlling over the other. For humans, it always comes to the point that one has to control the other, like the light controlling the dark or the dark controlling the light, to become predominantly the over all power of all. However, there is another choice, a choice of neither one nor the other, a choice of just being. This is likened to an achromatic existence of simplicity where the pinnacle of our outlook is to just be average.

For people like myself, the mountain pinnacle is to be average, to just be and let be, of course to be average takes in our concerns of our environment without also being controlling or destructive to the light or dark. When people like me observe a consciousness struggling to find light in the dark for example, we often give advice without forcing our advice. We simply give different views to the normal point of view; of course, the normal human point of view seems to be always about one controlling the other, or more precisely, one destroying the other within its own presses of control.

To just be and let be, allows us to exist within an average existence of neither one extreme nor another. Within this existence, there is no view of being controlling; it is just simply being void of intentions of being one or the other.

How many of us truly desire to be just average? It is usually a choice of dark and light, good and bad, rich or poor, enlightened or not enlightened, aware or not aware. How many people of light and love desire to be aware of the dark in the world? How many people of the dark, desire to be aware of the love and light in the world? In this case, we cannot let things simply just be, it always has to be a choice of either one or the other. To one or the other, there is no middle ground or neutrality of just being.

The trick is that you do not desire to be average; you just let it be void of trying to take control of anything. To desire is control and of course a control over something else. Desire always indicates control but to have an outlook of just being average is simply just being within any existence. This however does not mean we accept the controlling ways of the dark and light, it simply means we just be void of having the desire to take control over anything. Of course, this also means not taking control of the natural environment as a whole.

People like me, no matter how destructive the light is to the dark and the dark to the light, simply give our views to a simpler more balanced way of existing, of course the light and dark can't accept this kind of neutral existence, where is the control in this kind of  an existence to start with. Within this mentality of dark and light, there has to be control over the other, I often view this kind of mentality as a black and white mentality, there can only be a perception of black and white and one always in control of the other.

Of course, people like me who are neutral and just have an outlook to just be and let be, are aware that a neutral balance existence of black and white is beneficial for the whole environment, in that one not being more predominant over the other. We often have the perception that one has to be predominant over the other.

OK, I am stating we, which some people obviously have a hang-up with, an emotional preoccupation with. What does an emotional preoccupation denote and a control by what human trait? We or us simply means not just the I as in me myself, the divine mind instead of the ego mind, again it's this simple, only a controlling ego desires to make more of this!! This is certainly worth noting at this point.

We often have this perception because to be honest, we are conditioned to this perception from birth that one has to be predominant over the other. How many people are born into a country or world at war? Of course, war/conflicts denote control and dominance by force of one over the other; we are indeed conditioned to perceiving one has to overcome the other. The black has to dominate the white of visa-versa. How many people are born in a family unit where one person or a kind of people are dominating over the other or others?  We are indeed conditioned to this kind of existence but very few of us are conditioned to an existence of just having an outlook of just being average in a neutral existence.

At the human level, my ego mind desires to be more than just average in a chaotic existence; however, my divine mind often states that I am already at the top of the mountain in being just average and just being. To my divine mind, there is no higher pinnacle than to just be and be average; this is because everything else is of the ego mind that desires rather than having an outlook of just being.          


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    1. Putting myself out there, I have had a hard time of it at times, if I am going through this with these extremes, other people must be experiencing the same thing.

      If this has assisted you C Talley, it's worth putting myself out there.