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Monday, 13 February 2017

The Awakening

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am not sure how I am going to go with this; I am just not comfortable with putting these topics in writing. I have headed this post the wakening as the two main topics of this post, which keep coming up for me, are directly to do with our own awakening, an awakening that is very natural by nature. One of the topics has to do with oneness, zero point, pure awareness, God's consciousness or what ever, a state that is often referred to as a higher consciousness by the ego. The second topic at hand is to do with order and control; this too is in reference to this higher consciousness as mentioned above.

Firstly, an awakening to me means to become more aware of our whole self other than just the human self. It is an awareness that often goes beyond normal human perceptions and perspectives, especially an awareness that goes way beyond physicality as a whole. An awakening that is not conditioned to physicality while in a mortal or immortal state of existence. Even in an immortal state of existence, our perceptions and perspectives can be based on physicality; I feel this is brought about by a fixation to physicality that can go beyond mortal existence.

Order and Control: We presume, or more precisely, the ego presumes, that to have peace and harmony, we need to be limited or controlled by some kind of order. Now I stated limited because all order limits a consciousness to a certain kind of order, for example, Fascism is a particular order of control that limits a consciousness to certain set boundaries. Materialism works in the same manner as of anything we allow ourselves to be controlled by; of course, control means to be limited to certain boundaries.

In the west, we so often presume that various eastern spiritual practices are about taking control when in actuality they are about releasing control, meditation is a prime example of one of these eastern practices that is about releasing control. Meditation, as of many other eastern practices, is not about helping us take control of our lives, these practices are about releasing ourselves from control period, this means they should never be used to take control of our lives, instead, used to release ourselves from control period. Only the ego presumes that these practices are about taking more control of our lives.

The ego presumes, as soon as we release ourselves from these restrictions or limitations of control, we then take more control of our lives. At no point are these practices about taking control. The reason for this is simple, all order and control is limiting, the last thing we want to do is limit our consciousness even further as spiritual awareness is about becoming less limited, not more limited, or, replacing one set of control and order with another set of control and order.

Let us take into consideration of this oneness, zero point, pure awareness, God's consciousness or what ever you want to call this state, how controlling is this higher consciousness? If this higher state was supposed to be of order and control, why are we existing in a world of chaos and mayhem?

We could say that because this higher consciousness is not controlling, this is the reason we exist in a chaotic existence but this is not so. Consider that this God's consciousness is not of order and controlling, this is the reason we are not of order and control. This higher consciousness has no control over us, or more precisely, our egos so we, being uncontrolled by the higher self, allow the ego to control us through some kind of order as mentioned previously thus limiting our conscious awareness.

We, our egos, are noticeably uncontrolled by the higher self, only the ego is controlling and of order, this means the ego is uncontrolled by the higher self, but at the same time controlled by it's own controlling orders that it fixates itself to. What all this means is order and control naturally creates an existence based on chaos, this is where the ego cons us to think order and control creates peace and harmony. As of the so called higher consciousness, there is no need of order or control within such a state for there is no chaos or mayhem, just pure bliss. Yes if the ego did not have us conned that we need order and control, we would indeed experience this bliss of our so called higher consciousness.   

It is a Con by the Ego: It is said that the awakening process is a part of the chaos we are presently experiencing; this is true but only in accordance with the ego. It's the ego that needs to be awakened, not our truer being, the ego seems to have us conned that we need to awaken, or as many people put it these days, ascend. The present circumstances in our existence are a part of that ascension/awakening, I must emphasise though, this need to ascend or awaken is the egos perception of what we must do, it is not something we have to do.

As the reply I received below refers to, the kick refers to a need, by the ego, to go through chaos and mayhem to ascend/awaken. The ego needs to be kicked by creating chaos and mayhem so the ego can ascend/awaken through this process. Our truer being or our higher consciousness needs no such thing to awaken; we truly need not go through what we are going through, but the ego states otherwise.         

I agree from a limited perspective but I feel you may be missing a bigger picture. This is about awakening the sleeping people and uniting them. Sometimes people who are asleep need a kick in the ass to awaken and this is the kick. We will see how many wake up on this call           

My Reply:
I keep getting that we don't have to wake up this way, but as you say, some people who are asleep need to awaken in this way, to comprehend there awoken state I feel, otherwise it would slip by unnoticed. It's a con by the ego, the ego wants us to be kicked or do the kicking, within this the ego stays controlling, otherwise it loses it's control. Yes, the ego needs to be kicked, or so the ego has made it seem that way. We really don't need to go down this track but the ego has us coned otherwise, I think we need to awaken to this.

The so-called higher self will humble itself to whatever the ego classes as a low level, however, there are no true higher or lower levels but there are ego controlled existences to non-ego controlled existences. 

The ego loves to class these as levels; I think the reason for this is so it can ascend to a higher level. This is not a bad thing when the ego exists in a destructive existence though; actually, it's quite natural for the ego to do so in this state I feel.



  1. A lot of "we" and "us," lumping the masses together as though everyone thinks alike. As though what awakens one will awaken another.Self proclaimed gurus and "spiritual leaders" make bank off of that way of thinking.

  2. A lot of we and us because a lot of people think like this to start with. Think on this, where do my inspirations come from? We and us Anonymous!!

    You seem to be trying to make out something here that isn't obviously here.

    In addition, I am a strange guru/spiritual leader who often states what most people do not wish to here as you have obviously expressed here. If you bothered to observe gurus and spiritual teaches, they will most often state what people want to here, not what they don't want to here as I do, especially in the way I express myself.

    It's the same mind Anonymous, it's just that the ego separates itself from this one mind to create an abstract image of this one mind. Considering this, do we think alike, especially when considering that the ego creates it's own separate mind?

    No, but I am not into separate minds created by the ego, even though I have one myself. I am into making people aware beyond their present conditioning, this is all Anonymous.

    Anonymous, do not get hooked up on what is or is not ego based, this is the ego in control doing this, extricate yourself from doing this is my advice to you. A controlling ego loves picking out it's own flaws as this is exactly what it wants you to do, something to consider here.

  3. I wonder, if I kept stating me and I in this post, would I be accused of being egotistical, self-centred as in it's all about me? Stating we and us seems to be just as bad if not worse it would seem!!

    The controlling ego wants us to think like this, I think it's advisable to be aware of this. No matter how I wrote to an ego in disagreement, it just would not be right and quite understandably so.

    No, we do not think alike in accordance with what the ego based mind has created, but we still have one mind, try to never forget this. The created ego mind will do everything to make us forget this and again understandably so.

  4. Seems my reply has been deleted.

    “We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.”

    ― Denis Diderot

    1. Not at all Anonymous, not if you replied to me only once. You seem to be a little too presumptuous here, knock it back a bit.

      Ill judgment will only lead one to make misjudgments of themselves and their environment, this is man's nemesis.

      ~ Mathew G ~

    2. OK, found your other reply, it was in spam and justifiably so. I think you better observe yourself in relation to your second reply to me Anonymous, I think this would be a wise move.

      I think you need to look at your own critical defensive attitude here anonymous.

      So my intentions behind using we and us in the context I used them in wasn't good obviously. You have already misjudged me as a self-proclaimed guru/spiritual teacher, what intentions did I have behind the way I used we and us? Try not to presume here.

      Zilch intentions, unless I was some self-proclaimed guru, right!! Just because you seem to have misjudged me as some kind of guru, does not make me one and think like one anonymous.

      You are obviously presumptions anonymous as you presumed I deleted you reply, this is exactly like you presuming that I am some kind of self-proclaimed guru, as such, you read my posts accordingly so do you not?

      This is a fundamental mistake most people make, including myself at times, the difference is, I am aware of this.

      Look upon yourself to why you read and assume like you do, not others.

      ~ Mathew G ~

  5. "We presume, or more precisely, the ego presumes, that to have peace and harmony, we need to be limited or controlled by some kind of order."

    I did not state that we (all) presume to start with and I also stated that the ego presumes instead of we.

    It is obvious some of (us) do presume that to have peace we need to be limited or controlled by some kind of order, I experienced this just recently once again.

    The point is, no ego mind thinks exactly alike, this is why I did not state we (all) presume and we (all) need.

    My true intention, not anonymous's presumed intentions, was to point out that (some) of us have a fixation to control and order that obviously creates chaos, not quells chaos, it's this simple.

    I wonder if there is not a bit of animosity here towards me or is it just plain misperceptions brought about by presumptions!!

    Just be aware of this, we do presume too much at times, this is but one of the tricks of a ego mind that (we all) experience without exception to one degree or another.

  6. You are hilarious, leaving comments to a reply you deleted. It wasn't in spam, it was here on your site, I saw it, it was up for awhile. But tell yourself what you need to Bro, your limitation, not mine. Interesting though, your reply would make no sense if what you were replying to, my response, were actually here. All fine and good to pretend I said and implied things that I never said or implied so you can sound all righteous here.
    I only wish the best for you, a release from tunnel vision and your giant ego. I will not be back to your site, now that I know your true nature I realize there is no insight to be had here. Keep plugging away and perhaps one day you truly will be awakened.

    1. To be honest my friend, it was in spam from the very start. You might lie and deceive, therefore presume others also lie and deceive, but once again, your presumptions are not correct Anonymous.

      You obviously had a hang-up over me being some kind of self-proclaimed guru; this from the start will create presumptuous assumptions anonymous as you have clearly indicated here.

      "To hear, as in to hear someone talk, is not the same as here, just a heads up. I think you may have misunderstood what I meant, took it out of context and to be honest replied a bit more defensively than I would have expected from a self proclaimed guru, strange or otherwise. The point I was attempting to make is that no two peoples paths are the same. What awakens one person won't necessarily awaken another, it's why I mentioned how some folks make money by selling the idea of "we." My comment wasn't an attack nor was it an accusation, it was simply an observation. Fact is, it isn't even in disagreement with anything you say in the piece you wrote, I rather liked much of that. Do some reading on spiritual websites and take note of how often "we" is used and in what context, better yet, with what intent. It is interesting to say the least. Oh and I wasn't trying to "make something that wasn't there." In fact, I don't know what you mean by that so I'll let it go. Not certain why you on The Awakening"

      To me you are stating as in, a heads up, represents all instead of we, as in some of us. Aheads up always states all or nothing but I did not do that did I? I did not state we all or all of us at any time.

      You also state quite clearly here that I am some kind of self- proclaimed guru; this is obvious within its presumptions. Many times have I stated I am only aware and a channeller, which of course you seem to have never accepted and obviously never will anonymous.

      Now I am some kind of self-righteous person, there is no end to this is there anonymous?

      You will find your obvious bias has made you presume too much anonymous, I simply have not lied but again you will never have this. I simply did not delete a reply of yours. I have not once deleted a reply of anyone's, including your last reply, if it ends up in spam, there has to be a reason for this.

  7. There is a good lesson to be learnt here, never presume others think like you. This person is accusing me of something they are doing themselves, they obviously think (everyone) thinks alike as in (we all), not in just we. Why do (all) the people who have had certain experience in life, have to be of a self-proclaimed guru or something similar? Why does (everyone) have to also be a liar?

    They say we learn the most through the hardest of lessons; I must have a lot to learn then. in cases like this, I wish I didn't!!

  8. Sorry anonymous if I have misinterpreted you in anyway and thank you in bothering to leave replies on my posts.

    What doesn't make sense at all, is if I am suppose to be a liar/deceiver and some self-proclaimed guru amongst other things, why were you reading my posts to start with? It just does not make sense.

    In your own perception, I deleted a reply of yours because I did not like the truth it told; I would like to see your evidence in regards to this assumption of your truth and my alligations. As you proclaimed, I did not delete your reply and I am not obviously backwards in presenting your so-called deleted reply.

    I do understand that people read my posts to either look for something or for conformation of their own views and feelings, my blogs are not for you obviously, it is this simple. Of course this should not make me a self -proclaimed guru, liar and righteous, but it is obvious it does to some people like yourself and fair enough.

    I suppose by people like me putting ourselves out there, it is obvious we are going to be fair game to certain people, peace has to be payed for in some way.