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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Step By Step

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consider this, how would a truly egoless consciousness exist?

We of course presume that any egoless consciousness would exist in an ethical righteous way; this of course is considering that to be expressional of immorality in any sense, is to be of the ego. To also be egoless, is to also be aware to a much greater extent than a consciousness controlled by the ego, this is because the ego naturally limits a consciousness to certain aspects. The more a consciousness is controlled by the ego, the more limited a consciousness becomes, this is because the ego is only aware of part of oneself instead of the whole self.

An egoless consciousness is aware of the whole self, this includes being aware of its ego self as well without separation, remember, an egoless state of consciousness is of the whole, not just part of the whole self like the ego. This basically means that an egoless consciousness is fully aware, of course being fully aware is also having an awareness of being only partially aware as well. This is difficult to comprehend, how would a fully aware consciousness also be aware of being partially aware or not aware at all?

The ego thinks that to be fully aware is to exist void of the ego period, only in this can a consciousness be fully aware, this of course is the highest pinnacle of existence a consciousness can go. Of course to the ego the higher the better, even when this higher state of consciousness is unaware of its ego self that is limited to a certain conscious awareness.

Being fully aware also takes in being aware of our unaware states of existence; this of course represents the whole self. Take away a state of being fully aware or partially aware; you only have an awareness of part of oneself, not awareness of the whole of oneself.

Another thing to consider, would an egoless consciousness care about being less aware, experiencing an existence that is consciously limited? We are talking about a consciousness that is void of an ego, only an ego-based consciousness would strive to always be of its highest self which is a state of being fully aware. The problem with an ego consciousness trying to strive for this high level is the ego thinks it needs to do this void of an ego. Once the ego is extricated from a consciousness, the go thinks it has reached this higher level of consciousness.

Now the problem with this is at this higher level of consciousness, we are no longer aware of being unaware, of a state of limited consciousness. This state of being unaware of being unaware is to the ego the highest pinnacle of existence, it is a state that is fully aware, even while in this state we are not aware of being unaware anymore. The whole self does not just take in being aware of our aware state but of our unaware state where consciousness is based on the ego. Being also of this so-called higher level of consciousness, we are presently experiencing our lower levels of consciousness, in actuality; we are presently expressing our whole self.

This is not easy to comprehend. To be truly aware, one must also be aware of one's own unaware states of consciousness, I feel this is what we are experiencing at present in the word around us.
How many consciousnesses will the present truly awaken? One-step at a time and take each step as a process as opposed to an absolute be and end all. This now brings us to love and light as one of these steps in our awakening process.      

Love and Light

If I used love and light in some of the beyond human realities I have experienced, I am 110% sure, I would not be here right now. Consider this, how long would a person last, preaching love and light, in apart of the world dominated by extremists? The answer is obvious, not long, also considering my own experiences, love and light is obviously not the ultimate be and end all answer. To be honest, love and light is about control, this is because love and light basically destroys everything else in its path but only if used incorrectly.

Within a true process of awakening, love and light is used to quell all other states of consciousness that are limiting, however, if love and light is used as a be and end all, rather than apart of an awakening process, it becomes but another limitation.         
Once you get past the perceptions of love and light, you only then realise that the feelings of love and light is only a tiny part of the awakening process. Only then do you realise there is no be and end all, ultimate/absolute answer.

After 40+ years of awakening myself, love and light is but a tiny part of the awakening process, it's wise not to treat anything in this process as being a be and end all. It is also wise not to limit yourself in an unlimited consciousness. The trick is; you are only able to comprehend this when you go beyond love and light, only the ego in control perceives a be and end all, it is wise to be aware of this.

Even balance, which is brought about by neutralising extremes or opposites, is not a be and end all. It certainly is not an answer for extremes to stay extreme so it is not the ultimate/absolute answer for there is not one, not for the whole self.

It is obvious that many of us are using love and light as a be and end all. Being that a true sense of love and light is destructive to hate and dark for example, which is likened to switching a light on in a dark room, light and love is controlling. Anything controlling is limited within its controlling domain. Domain of course relates to a particular sort of environment, not the whole environment as in the whole self!!

I at no time did I try to be controlling in these realities I found myself in that were beyond human realities. All I did is release myself of the natural control of these environments upon myself, this is all. No truly aware consciousness wants to harm any part of another consciousness in anyway; actually, this becomes impossible to do in this state.

Yes, my ego mind wants to change our world, but my divine mind is aware that one should not do this in a controlling way. The reason for this is simple, once we express control, we are only expressive of the ego mind, this is why the ego mind has many western minds tricked into thinking control is the answer.

However, the divine mind releases its ego mind from control, from the limitations that control creates for all expressions of control relate to limitations, the ego mind.      

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