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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Divine Mind, Ego Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

In recent times, it has been stated by other people that we do not all think alike, so stating we and us a lot in my posts, relate to how we think alike when it's obvious we don't. Well, this is not actually quite true, yes, our ego minds do not think alike to other ego minds but the divine mind does. Actually, a lot of ego minds do think alike to some extent, it is that other ego minds can think completely different; for example, the difference in the thinking process between western and eastern thinking can be enormous, I've experienced this first hand many times over myself.

When the ego mind is conditioned to a certain culture, that conditioning reflects on how the ego mind thinks, this of course can be in total contradiction to another mind conditioned to a completely different culture. I think this gives us a good idea of what an ego mind indicates; a mind that is set to certain conditions according to the environment the mind exists in. To go further with this, the ego mind is of motion; this reflection of course refers to the divine mind as being motionless.         

Each motion defines in how the ego mind thinks, for example, if a mind is only conditioned to a certain culture, that mind will only be able to perceive in accordance to that culture. However, the divine mind has no set culture that defines in how the divine mind thinks, yes, each culture has a perception of what is and isn't divine but this perception is ego based. When primarily of the divine mind void of cultural differences and influence of the ego mind, all that is of the divine mind is perceived as being the same. Many of us often call this mind state a state of oneness. It is a state of mind that observes the similarities of everything instead of the dissimilarities, only an ego mind is aware of the dissimilarities. Of course this is to be expected as the ego mind is about separation, not oneness,

You could put two ego minds in the exact same environment and they would most likely think differently, even though it might be ever so slightly. This is due to the ego mind naturally perceiving that all is separate to another. Knowing that all motion is of the ego, being that all egos are of motion, it figures that all motion is going to be perceived as different to other motions. For example, one motion of going up, is going to be seen different to another motion that is going down. Even if all motions are going up, the ego mind will observe that each motion is going up at a different rate of climb. The divine mind does not observe it like this, mainly because the divine mind is not of motion. There is no separation between rates of climb, all the divine mind observes is motion, only the ego mind is able to observe different rates of climb.

If we observe indifferences, this is ego mind. If we observe similarities, this is the divine mind.

Divine mind = similarities (sameness) + egoless + motionless + fearless + true image

Ego mind = dissimilarities (difference) + ego + motion + fearful + abstract image

The divine mind observes motion but the ego mind will try to avoid observing the divine mind, this is because the divine mind is different to the ego mind and is often observed as a threat to the ego mind. The divine mind does not observe the ego mind as a threat, it is only observes the ego mind as a threat to itself, to it's own existence. The last thing the ego mind wants to do is not exist. The ego mind is always in fear where's the divine mind is never in fear.

The divine mind does not observe the differences between itself and the ego mind; all is observed as being of one, this is because only similarities are observed, not dissimilarities. One of the similarities observed by the divine mind is that both divine and ego mind are of a mind or consciousness, there is no true separation. The divine mind also observes motion as a abstract image of it's own divine mind, all is created from the same mind no matter how the abstract image is expressed. Yes, we are all an abstract image of the divine consciousness (mind).             

Let us take closer look at this divine mind. The divine mind is of the divine plan, a plan that has always been in existence, this plan has always been written. Liken this to an architect that draws up house plans for an example. The house plan is motionless once drawn; it's the builder who puts these plans into motion, the architect is the divine mind and the builder is the ego mind. We all represent the builder while in ego mind, however, while in the divine mind, we represent the architect. Of course without the architect, the divine mind, the builder is unable to build.

Divine mind = the architect of creation

Ego mind = the builder of creation

The difference between an architect and the divine mind is that the architect draws up plans while in motion, while of the ego mind, however, the divine mind has no ego mind of motion to draw up plans. You can see why they say it's always been written or there is a divine plan, existence as a whole has always existed but in motionless form. This is why I say the divine mind was not the actual builder of the universe, the ego mind was. Think of a collective ego mind, a collection of ego based minds working together for a common cause, the cause in this case being the building of the universe.

I am not saying the divine mind did not create the universe; I am just saying that the divine mind did not build the universe. No ego-based mind is the true creator; of course it would love to think it is. I honestly think we were of a collective ego consciousness once that built this universe, and many others. While of ego mind, we are the builders but while of the divine mind, we are creators.

This is why I also do not have disdain for the ego mind, it's the builder of the creator, however, like any builder who reads a plan incorrectly or who is incapable of builder from a plan, things often will not go to plan. It is basically not the creators fault for the building not going to plan, the emphasis is on the builders themselves. We might presume that the architect's plans could be wrong and faulty. In an existence build around the ego mind, this is possible. In an existence created around the divine mind, it's an impossibly, I will explain.

Divine mind = pure awareness

Ego mind = partial awareness            

In a pure aware state, no plan can be drawn up faulty because of the awareness involved; this of course is different in a state of partial awareness. The funny thing is, the builder sees the architect as being the most important part of the relationship, however, the architect sees that the builder as being the most important part of the relationship. The divine mind and ego mind are an integral part of each other; one without the other or in unison to each other creates nothing. Out of unison to each other, only chaos will be created, very simular to a builder not being able to follow a plan correctly. Are we reading the divine plan that badly or are we just incapable builders?

Please do not take this as gospel or absolute, it is plainly not but it might be a reflection of it.                        


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    1. Yes, you did spur this on a bit. It all came together when I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning, I do need prodding at times.