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Monday, 6 February 2017

Right and Wrong - Positive and Negative

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before I get into the right and wrongs we create as religions, I would like to broach on the topic of inspiration, even of a guru.

I went through a stage where I did not need inspiration from anyone as I inspired myself. I then entered a stage in my life where other worldly wise and aware people inspired me; at this stage, I did call certain people gurus as they did at times inspire me to the depth of guru. I then came to a very silly stage where I listened to external forces that said gurus, inspiring wise people, were just being expressive of ego. This stage did not last long, today; many people inspire me these days.

What is frightening these days is there seems to be more and more groups cropping up slamming anyone who expresses wisdom and awareness. It is as if you are not allowed to inspire other people in ways that are not of other people's structured beliefs. You certainly cannot be seen as having experienced more than these people in any sense of the word, in this case you are often labelled egotistical and that you are not my guru or far worse.

We seem to have entered a stage where we think, void of actual experiences, we are just as wise and aware as anyone, within this belief, we don't need to be inspired by anyone else, this is unless the inspiration is in accordance with our own views that is. If you are going to be inspiring and wise, it must be within their right as opposed to your right even if you do not live by a right. Actually, if you do not live by a right, this is worse than living by an opposing right; you are seen as not being right at all and are often treated as such.

I wrote the following for a particular group, it is about being void of right and wrongs, good and bad, negative and positive. It is a state of being, not just void of wrongs (negatives), but also a state of being void of rights (positives). We need to be honest with ourselves, as soon as we talk about a positive; we are talking about a right, an absolute.                  

You get to a point where, as of wrong and rights, love, light and positivity, are no longer needed. Love, light and positivity are highlighted for a very good reason, this often occurs in a chaotic existence.

As there are no wrong and rights, there will be no true or excessive positivity and negativity either. The yin is no longer seen as indifferent to yang, within this, all wrong and rights, positive and negative, are neutralised.

Trying to live by the yang void of the yin, negates the yang's purpose of existing in the end, both must be embraced thus neutralised.

It is often asked of me why I embrace so-called unbecoming people, negative people, why don't I feel their negative vibrations?

Once you neutralise positive and negatives, wrong and rights, bad and good, these so called negative vibrations no longer exist. You no longer need a positive (right) to negate negatives (wrong), they simply do not exist as they are no longer needed.

The neutralising of positive (right) and negative (wrong) is pure bliss, everything else is only a perception of this bliss.

However, love, light and positivity, can be a stepping to this neutralisation, but only if we do not become too attached though. I cannot wait for the time we no longer need love and light and positivity in our lives any more. I think human consciousness needs to evolve from these wrong and rights.

We tend to attach ourselves to a certain right, what ever that may be, and turn it into another religion, another be and end all. We then talk about that there are no right or wrongs but then talk in positives and love and light, but another right!!

In a reality of natural chaos, it is understandable that we attach ourselves to these rights, in doing so though; we often box ourselves into another religion, another right. This action of course adds to the chaos even though we are in relative peace in accordance to our right. We create another right often in opposition to other created rights, collectively; it is obvious this is only going to add to the collective chaos.

To exist in peace within an existence of natural chaos, we need to stop adding to this chaos with another right. We need to detach ourselves from these right and wrongs completely to bring real peace and harmony, instead of doing this, we create another right!! 

The funny thing is, it is natural do act in this way in a reality of chaos. The universe was created through chaos, this is it's natural state, we need to exist in this kind of existence more wisely in my mind.

I would like to further add to this, it is impossible for a true observer to perceive in right and wrongs of any kind, only a participator is able to perceive like this, or, an observer of one's own participation can perceive like this too, be it to a much lesser extreme. The less of a participator we become, the less we naturally perceive in right and wrongs. The middle ground here is being able to observe your own participation in life, this allows us to perceive void of extreme right and wrongs. Within this action, we are able to quell the chaos in a naturally chaotic existence. In my mind, we are not supposed to totally be of an observer while in a natural environment of chaos, this is unnatural to this kind of environment, but we can quell the chaos we experience.

In this case, quelling means to neutralise, you still have a right and wrong, yin and yang, but they are in harmony or balance with each other; there are no extreme expressions of these rights and wrongs.

Freedom can only comes through releasing ourselves from extremes expressions we so often attach ourselves to.    

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