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Thursday, 2 February 2017

But Another Fear Based Existence!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have been busy communicating with a number of different people again. I often get out of my comfort zone like this, which of course makes me even more appreciative of my comfort zone. This also allows me to observe different views and actions, my own views and actions are a little mundane at times to me.

The following is an interesting reply I received on the discussion of being overly positive. I am also going to insert links to other sources that explain why positive thinking is not all it's cracked up to be, they are certainly worth browsing through in my mind.

There is a difference between living with rose coloured glasses in order to avoid looking at the hard ourselves, and finding balance enough that we can distance ourselves and not get pulled into drama, including our own. We do need to acknowledge those aspects of self, allow ourselves to feel those emotions we like to avoid, before we are able to release them.

My Reply:
We do need to acknowledge these negative aspects and in the process neutralize them. Having fear of negativity, ego and judgment, is not neutralizing anything, it is running way from them.

When it gets to a stage when balance views become negative, I think this is taking positive thinking way too far. To this excess (extreme) is when positive thinking becomes destructive and highly judgmental in my mind.

Honestly, it's all based on fear, I thought we were supposed to distance ourselves from fear based existences, not just create yet another slightly different fear based existence than what we are experiencing at present!!

Take my dreams for instance; they have at times been quite traumatic. If I did not face these horrid negatives face on, I would be still in fear of them. The world around us is like our dreams, face what is going on and neutralise them, do not just judge them as negative and ignore them.

In all, if we want to create another fear based existence, we are going the right way about it. Fancy having fear in talking about the atrocities in the world in fear of being negative. Observe what is truly going on but at the same time avoid being a participator as much as possible. 

I do not get this mentality, more is better especially if it is positive, when is enough not enough? Take Donald Trump for instance, he will never obtain enough power and money to serve his desires like any multinational, these people are on a treadmill they are unable or unwilling to get off. To these people, it is exceptionally positive to keep trying to obtain more money and power; there will never be enough, is this any different to positive thinking? To be honest, of course it is not because if a bit is beneficial, more has to be even more beneficial and on and on it goes.

As people like Donald Trump obviously fear being poor and powerless, spiritually positive people obviously also fear negatives, so more of a good thing as being positive has to be more beneficial!!

Once we start limiting our own consciousness to fears and the attachments to more has to be better, all we will create is more of the same, albeit in a different format.

Yes, it is predicted that man's consciousness will evolve into a more loving caring consciousness, however, this will occur naturally void of fearing so called negatives of the world. I could not stress to my readers more, please do not be drawn into an existence that is still based on fear and lies, especially if it feels all worm and fluffy. Yes, by all means take in this love and oneness but please don't do this in ignorance of our present condition. My advice is to not look at negatives as being negative or positives as being positive, and please don't get to a point where balance is just seen as negative.

As I stated to certain people recently, "The only thing balance is limiting of is extremes. The reason for this lies in that extremes are highly limiting. Balance has no true limitations accept to these limitations, makes perfect sense to me."

Free yourself of this fear and never get into an existence based on any kind of fear of who we are at present, this also means not fearing being limited either!!

Extract: It turns out there’s some science behind my feelings: A look at the research reveals positive thinking isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, researchers are asking: What if embracing so-called “negative” states like failure, pessimism, insecurity, and uncertainty actually has a positive outcome?

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