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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ego Mind, A Natural Phenomena

Written by Mathew Naismith

As of many posts I've written in the past have been controversial for a lot of people, this post is no different. It's not that I am trying to be controversial or argumentative, it's just what comes to and through me, I must write it as it is, or, not write it at all which has occurred a number of times before. Actually, this post was nearly one of those times where I thought twice about sharing what came to and through me. 

What is channelled through me is often confirmed by what comes to me afterward, especially when I don't write down what comes through me in the first place. It's like being whispered to by what comes through me, if I don't listen, I am then yelled at by what comes to me. For three day I was not going to write what was coming through me until it got to the stage of repeatedly being yelled at. As the whispers are of the inner environment, the yelling is of the external environment.

Not one of us within this existence wants to be aware of their so-called higher self; this is obvious within their own participation within realities like this one. Even if you got to this so-called higher state, you still wouldn't want to know who you truly are, in actuality, you feel and know that the last thing you want to become aware of or be, is this higher self. All you feel is just being in the present; of course if the ego mind doesn't like the present, it tries to change it. If the ego mind is existing in a destructive existence, it naturally wants to change the environment it's existing in.

Yes, the ego mind is a natural phenomenon with natural tendencies that often has a need to change its environment in accordance with its own desires. We are presently apart of this phenomena, in the very present this is who we are, of course the ego always desires to be more like more aware than present circumstances permit or encourage. On the other hand, the present extremes encourage the ego mind to change its present environment. It's always the ego mind that desires change, the divine mind only lives within the present the way it is, void of control of its environment or desires to be of another environment.

What I am saying is the ego mind is just as worthy as the divine mind in an existence that is hell bent on destroying itself. The divine mind just sits there within this environment where's the ego mind often has a need, as opposed to desire, to change this or their own environment to something more constructive. To put it simply, the ego mind is a natural phenomenon and should be treated in accordance to its natural state. As the divine mind is natural, so is the ego mind, it's wise not to separate these two very natural phenomena's, especially by judging one an illusion and the other not an illusion.

Yes, the ego mind can be extreme within it's delusions but when expressed in less controlling ways, the ego mind can be electrifyingly beautiful and peaceful in accordance with the whole environment. The more control, we express, the more of the delusion we become, in effect, the more the reality becomes an illusion in many people's eyes. The ego mind will see anything that it no longer wants to be apart of as just an illusion, the controlling ego is very tricky like this.

The ego mind desires to be apart of a grander existence, it will convince itself that it is only apart of a grander existence like being of pure awareness, a God, divine spirit, nothingness and so on. If we were created from nothingness or divine spirit like a God for example, why are we experiencing what we are presently experiencing? We are supposed to be fallen angles or of an ego based consciousness, to me they are one of the same. If you truly comprehend this divine egoless higher state, there is no way you could fall from this state. You could say that everything is of God's consciousness; this just doesn't include the divine mind but the ego mind as well.

The divine mind, as well as the ego mind, is of this divine state, it's all a divine state of existence, even when we express states of being unaware. When the ego mind becomes predominantly controlling over its environment, this is when states like this become less of the divine nature, it doesn't mean it's no longer of the divine nature, at no point is this the case. We are in effect of this grandness that our ego mind desires to be, but this also includes this grandness being of the things that are not so grand to the ego mind as well, our present existence is a prime example of this.

An aware state of being is just as worthy as an unaware state of being, there is no separation for one is of the other, its just the ego mind judges one more worthy than the other because one is more grandiose than the other. Instead of just existing in the present, the ego mind desires more, especially if in the present the ego mind has little control, is unaware or simply desires a better existence for itself. 

When we allow the ego mind to convince us that only this grandiose state of divine energy of pure awareness is who we are, we are truly only aware of apart of ourselves as whole self. This is the same when the ego keeps us in an unaware state of existence, in this state we are again only aware of one part of the whole self, becoming aware of the aware and unaware part of oneself is who we are as a whole. We are not just one or the other, w are all of what is, this includes our present state.

I've spoken with a number of people recently that think control is the answer or we are only of this grandiose state of pure awareness. It is obvious that certain people will not be convinced otherwise to their own convictions; I am certainly not trying to do this, I am only expressing a different aspect to life that could be life changing.

The point is; why isn't all this praying for peace and love working?

As I discussed with an 80+ year old yoga teacher last night that's in to all the aspects of yoga, not just the physical exercise, counteracting one extreme with another is giving these extremes we are counteracting against more power because we are putting more emphasis and more energy into these extremes. The ego mind has us convinced light and love is the ultimate answer, it is obvious it's not because man is becoming more destructive, not less. If light and love, for example, is suppose to be so powerful over the dark in the world, it would instantly quell the dark. What is happening instead is the dark is growing, not shrinking obviously because of our counteractions against it. One point to make here, where is the living in the present by expressing extremes to destroy another extreme?

We have allowed the ego mind to control us to the point of thinking that we can only be of something grandiose. As of our present existence, it quite clearly shows people like me that we are of all aspects of the whole self; this also includes not being aware and even being fully controlled by the ego mind. If you truly comprehend our whole being, there is no way we cannot express or be what we are not apart of. The natural tendencies of the ego mind are to convince us otherwise when in a controlling mode. When the ego isn't in this controlling mode, it's something very few of us can comprehend in the present. Like I stated earlier, the ego mind can be electrifyingly beautiful and peaceful, we just need allow our divine mind to give the ego mind a more balanced perspective, void of trying to control or destroy anything else.  

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