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Monday, 20 March 2017

Freedom from Bias Judgments

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was once involved in a group that consisted of people from various degrees of awareness. A, so-called, higher degree of awareness basically means having the ability to observe without participating or having no urge to participate, particularly in the dramas of life. 

Within this group, as of any groups of people, there were the observers who never participated in these dramas, in actuality, they participated very little overall. I should point out that this group was about discussing spirituality and any perceptions beyond normal human perceptions, for example, the mind existing outside the human brain.

Because I don't judge or observe one motion being any less or more worthy to experience, I at times became the participator in the dramas of the group at times. I remember one of the observers of the group saying to me that he couldn't understand why I was participating in the dramas of the group, being an obvious observer, I was suppose to know better.

What occurs while becoming more aware through observation is that you observe with more bias, not less, however, once we become even more aware, these biases's lesson. Separating ourselves from the dramas of life is bias, especially when we consider ourselves to be of a higher consciousness or stature. However, this separation is only one part of the process of becoming aware and wise, it's not the ultimate level to be at as many people perceive. As we become aware and wise, we will observe more differences thus creating more separation, not less separation. At this stage of the awareness process, the separation between light and dark, black and white, negative and positive, good and bad, become more apparent, this is a natural part of the process.

To be perfectly honest, we actually become more bias and judgmental at this stage, not less. Of course everyone expresses a different variation of bias and judgment, for example, I never went through the process of judging everything not of my own perceptions to be negative. I was lucky; I had a natural tendency to observe through a balanced mind set void of extreme expressions, however, this didn't stop me experiencing the dramas of life; this confused the observers of this group.

Observation, particularly void of bias, helps us to become wiser, as only through unbiased observation can wisdom become more present in our lives.

How do you become less of a participator and more of an observer void of bias?

Put yourself in a situation or an environment that you detest the most. You can envision this but it is more effective if you physically act this out. Now sit there observing void of bias. At this stage of the process observing void of bias is going to be utterly impossible to do, accept this. At no time berate yourself for being of the ego or judgment at this stage; way too many have been conditioned to have an immediate bias towards the ego and negativity, avoid this at all cost at this stage of the process.

What you are doing is conditioning yourself to observe void of bias as many people in the world are conditioned from birth to express bias judgment.

As you allow your once detestable environment to condition you, you will find your bias judgments will disappear as if they never existed. It's not that you are accepting these detestable environments to be apart of your life, all you are doing is lessoning your own bias judgments while in observation. If applicable, it is even better to participate to a certain extent while still in observation, especially in observation of your own participation. If the environment you are observing/experiencing is too destructive, only observe to the point of conditioning yourself from bias judgments.

So many people make the mistake by trying to avoid these so-called negatives at all costs; they indeed exist for a reason. Nothing exists by chance in realities of motion. When you learn to observe void of participation, which also takes one to participate at times to one extent or another, wisdom becomes a natural part of your conditioning. Think on this, uh, that is right, you can't think as you have judged thinking is of the ego, and we have to avoid, at all cost, expressing the ego in anyway!! It is your mind that is thinking, the brain is only a vessel for the mind to think through and the mind does not have to be of the ego, but of course it can be.

As science has proven, the brain is never motionless but the mind itself can indeed become motionless through various conditioning processes, not controlled by the ego. Meditation is a popular practice to quieten the mind but so is the practice of observation of your environment, especially when the mind is void of bias.

In the west, we are way too hard on ourselves; we expect to be less judgmental and less expressional of the ego straight off while becoming more aware and wise. One part of the process is to become aware to the point of experiencing more separation, not less, however, at no point is this part of the process the end of the process of becoming more aware and wise, but it is apart of the process to one degree or another, depending on a persons initial conditioning.

Any initial conditioning, especially to extremes, is going to make this process more difficult. You will most likely fixate yourself to a particular part of the process and go no further, for example, experiencing love and light is but the start of this process, not an ultimate state. There is no ultimate state as such as many teachings teach/condition us to believe. All of what is, is the ultimate state void of separation, however, the ego will never see this as being an ultimate state, it has to be only of a higher stature!!

I really do hope this helps someone understand this process of becoming more aware and wise. Try to become conditioned by a practice that passively conditions you, this means avoiding any practices that state that all the above is ego or negative and to avoid at all costs. Everything is within an environment for a reason, use it wisely and free yourself from non-passive conditionings. I do myself like eastern teachings, even religious teachings like Hinduism. They don't have the same course judgment of the negatives as we do in the west; it's far more passive and aware in my mind. As we lesson bias judgment, we naturally become more aware and wise, a state of freedom from bias judgments, even in participation.        

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