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Friday, 3 March 2017

Passive Analogies and Insights

Written by Mathew Naismith

"The pond of life is still and tranquil, this is until the still pond is put into motion by countermanding motions of human differences".......Mathew G

The pond of life: Look upon life as a still pond, it is still, tranquil and clear, this is until the still tranquilness of the pond is disrupted by opposing motions, not necessarily opposing motions to the water but opposition motions on each side of the pond. These opposing motions are likened to, bad and good, negative and positive, light and dark, hate and love and so on. Now imagine that these opposing motions are throwing stones at each other from their side of the pond, as opposing motions naturally do. Of course many of these stones end up in the water as do some of the opposing motions themselves, is the still tranquil pond still clear and calm? 

In the end, the pond ends up not being a pond anymore but a quagmire of embattlement, this is because both opposing forces end up opposing the pond which gave life to all motion to begin with.  It's strange to think, no pond, no motion, even when the pond itself is motionless. It's this motionlessness that gives life and its motion that can take the life of the pond away, but only when motion becomes extreme within its own motion. Opposing motions only see dissimilarities, not also, the way too obvious, similarities.

To people like me, the similarities are obvious, for example, the similarities between dark and light. Both want to control or destroy each other. Both have opposing views. Both know they are more powerful than the other. Both want to become the dominate force. Both are using the same motion but with very slightly dissimilar motives. One's motive is for the collective good of the (I), the other is for the collective good of the collective as a whole. Of course many religions have tried to control the collective by dominating it, this is why love and light should never be used as an opposing force but it clearly is being used in this way.

While existing in a chaotic existence, we perceive that the still tranquil clear pond indicates love and light, thus perceiving love has no opposites; of course what is then the opposite of hate!!

The tranquil still clear pond of life doesn't represent love and light, it represents exactly what it is, still, tranquil and clear; this is all. Because we exist within a chaotic existence, we perceive that the pond is of love and light and quite understandably so. Any kind of tranquilness will feel more loving and of the light while experiencing chaos in any form. The pond doesn't have to be of love and light because it has no opposition, the pond of life isn't in opposition to motion but motion can be in opposition to the pond, to life itself. The pond of life is what it is, motionless except for the life that the pond creates/supports. When the life that the pond creates becomes too expressively of motion, it's quite understandable that this will upset the tranquilness of the pond.

The universe: Now think of how tranquil the pond that the universe exists in was before the universe was created. Yes, I look at what the universe was created in as a pond as well. The universe represents all living form that exists within pond/space itself.

In a pond, a fish is hatched from roe which was conceived through the integration of yin and yang, what is the pond to the fish? The pond is everything to the fish which makes the pond more precious than life itself. Now look at the universe as being this fish, how important is the pond/space to the fish/universe to us? We of course perceived that the universe is far more special than the space that the universe was conceived in, this is very much unlike the fish that sees the pond/space far more special for it gave it its life to begin with. I think one day we will find out how special this seemingly nothingness space that the universe was born into. There is far more to this empty space than we perceive in my mind. 

Fish = universe

Pond = Space

Yes, I also see that the universe was conceived, which comes from the idea that matter and antimatter created the universe through integration of these two motions.

Matter = yang + male

Antimatter = yin + female

I should state here that matter could also be perceived as being female and visa-versa for argument sake.

Oneness, God: So where does the idea of God or oneness fit within all of this? Let's look at the human race; it takes two to create another living energy source, what actually integrates these two energy sources to create another energy source?  Try integrating without consciousness; you need to be consciousness of another energy source, and the right energy source, to integrate to start with, this of course takes a singular source of energy, such as consciousness, to begin with.

You can see where the hidden perception of oneness and a God comes from. I say hidden because our ego minds perceive in a structured way in accordance to our five senses. Our structured perceptions perceive God as a man, Christ as man and not as a consciousness. 

Oneness equals God as God equals consciousness that is seemingly behind all of creation, very simular to humans and the creation of the universe which again took the integration of yin and yang, two different but also indifferent energy sources that were conceived from a consciousness in my mind.

I should state that the analogies and insights used in this post come wholly from and through me, please at no time take them as being absolutely true........          

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