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Friday, 10 March 2017

Transcending Mind, A Gateway To The Infinite

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is most peculiar, a gateway that can be open or closed or even partially open or closed. What is peculiar about this is when we relate the gateway to the mind, which can be open or shut or partially ajar, a gateway to other realities and existences. When closed, the mind is no longer transcending beyond its own understanding. When open, the mind is subjected to relatives that are usually beyond the minds comprehension, this is until the mind finds recognisable familiarities within these relatives. The only reason we comprehend these relatives is due to these familiarities.

These familiarities occur through the mind remembering bits and peaces of what it is; only in this can the mind comprehend these relatives. If the mind is closed, the mind is unable to relate to these relatives no matter how hard it tries to comprehend beyond its present understanding of what it is. A closed mind sees itself being only of the physical brain, it's closed off from comprehending the mind being anything else but of the physical brain. A closed mind will never comprehend beyond what it is unable to relate to, this is until the closed mind finds something it is familiar with beyond its present understanding. If nothing is familiar to the mind, the gateway will close again. For the gateway to stay open, the mind must find something or remember something of what it is beyond this closed mind, only in this is the mind able to comprehend these experiences thus keeping the gateway (mind) open.

It's wise to look at the mind as being a gateway to other realities and existences, within this; our comprehensibility becomes acute and so much more prevalent. However, no matter how open your mind is, if you still look upon the mind as being a physical entity, your comprehensibility beyond physicality will be hindered. It's handy to look upon the mind as a star-gate as the mind after death and through various out of body experiences, can transcend time and space. The mind isn't what we are conditioned to think it is, it's not just physical or of the ego mind, it transcends way beyond this, this is why I often mention the ego and divine mind in my posts. The ego mind is often related to the physical and the divine mind is often related to the non-physical.

We also relate the mind to thought, it's only attribute is thinking, even when it's the mind that helps us enter into thoughtlessness. A mind that thinks its own mind is only of physicality and ego, will only comprehend to this limitation, which the only attribute the mind has, is to think. This is true for a closed mind but not for a mind that is truly open.

A truly open mind relates to the mind also being silent, non-physical and egoless. As consciousness itself has no limitations, neither does the mind, it's not limited to physicality or ego. The mind can transcend these limitations as it transcends beyond these limitations in death or through various out of body experiences. A good way to comprehend this is again see your mind as a star-gate, a gateway that goes beyond all physical limitations.

It's difficult for a closed or partially open mind to comprehend that the mind itself is a gateway to start with. Think of this then. When we daydream, use our imagination or dream, it's our mind that is opening up to all these experiences; it is the mind that is the gateway to these other realities. If you like, also see the mind as porthole to other dimensions.

So the question is now, is the mind only a gateway to other dimensions, realties and experiences especially when open?

Imagine the energy that is needed to feed this gateway, especially when open. I look at the rest of the body being this energy source for the mind, this gateway, no energy input to the gateway, no open gateway.

The energy involved to feed the mind, comes from what supports the mind that is physical, the physical body as a whole. The body that supports the mind has to also be sustained by a constant energy source, usually from other physical energy sources, however, a mind that is non-physical is sustained by non-physical energy sources and of course this stands to reason.

To answer the question, the mind is primarily a gateway, a door to other dimensions, realities and experiences, however, the energy that sustains the gateways is also apart of these gateways, the human physical mind is prime example of this. The energy source that supports the physical mind, is also apart of the brain that the mind resides in.

Now this is interesting, we have an energy source that feeds the mind, we also have an energy source as the brain to support the mind. We then have the mind itself that relies on energy sources to exist; this is while the mind is residing in physical sources of energy as in the physical body and brain. What then supports the mind in non-physical realities? The soul of course which seems to act as the physical body including the brain. As a soul, the body and brain seem to be of one entity, this is where the spirit or the essence of life itself within all things comes into it. As the human body acts as a vessel for the brain to support the mind to reside in, the soul becomes the body and the spirit becomes the brain for the mind to reside in.

Physical = body + brain + mind

Non-physical = soul + spirit + mind

It makes sense to relate the physical brain to the spirit within all things. Consider this, what would we be without the physical brain? Now, what would we be like without the spirit within all things? In both instances the mind couldn't exist for there is no support for the mind, the gateway, to gain energy to function. Yes, the physical brain to me represents the spirit within all things.

What about the things that don't have a brain, have they then no spirit?

This is going to hurt a lot off egos. Any existing thing without a brain is more of the non-physical spirit within all things than anything with a brain. The physical brain disconnects us from this non-physical spirit within all things by just purely existing, of course it is the mind that determines how disconnected we become. Imagine existing on pure spirit void of a physical brain, it is difficult for a lot of us to comprehend this as we are conditioned to the brain, not this pure spirit within all things. We are indeed conditioned to separate one from the other, to separate the human body from the soul, the brain for the spirit within all things. Through this separation, we are unable to comprehend the connections between physical and non-physical entities and relatives. Within this there will be no familiarities thus keeping the gateway closed.        

You can see where the energy and support comes from for the mind to be able exist and open up to various possibilities which are truly endless. The possibilities are indeed infinite but only if we keep the gateway, the star-gate, the porthole, the mind, open.

Note: I should point out; none of the above came from any other source but through channelling. There was no observation or analytical thought process involved here; this primarily all came to me as I wrote this post.  

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