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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Love and Light v Ominous Creations

Written by Mathew Naismith

I received a few responses, in regards to my last post, referring to the inability to protect ourselves from portholes/doors that open up into ominous existences. You can liken this to a person who robs a bank thus instantly changing their own reality, especially when they are imprisoned. Our own reality can instantly change in a few seconds; incurring brain damage in an accident is another example. By having these doors open to us, our reality instantly changes, this can also occur when our minds enter through these reality changing doors, for example, inducing potent drugs or through mental projection.

As we become spiritually aware or aware period, we do have more of an opportunity to open up more doors to other realities; this of course makes sense because we are becoming more aware. The doors to other realities we can open up to just through out of body experiences are amazing. Each door opens up to a new awareness, of course it is up to us if we are willing to become aware more by leaving the door open, or, stay unaware by closing the door again. Of course spiritual awareness is about an awareness of all of what is, not just what we desire to be aware of. This brings us to protecting ourselves in a better way.

First of all, I don't judge what is or isn't negative or positive. To judge an ominous existence negative is exactly what the ominous existence or entity wants you to do. As soon as you judge like this, you instantly give power or energy to what you have judged in this way. No ominous existence or entity can exist without this energy flow for which we seemingly freely give energy to. Negatives instantly denote fear; through fear is exactly how these ominous existences and entities obtain their energy to exist.

Being of love and light, as soon as we judge anything negative, we instantly ignore or separate ourselves from these kinds of energy flows. Again, this is exactly what this kind of ominous energy flow wants you to do, ignore it or stay ignorant to it because it is negative. We think the best way to stay of the love and light is to stay ignorant to these energy flows. Being that spiritual awareness is about becoming more ware, not less, I find this reaction quit strange.

We are a part of everything void of separation; of course separation is due to our desires. We are apart of everything which includes what is ominous, of course a controlling ego will always go with the desire while denouncing it is apart of anything ominous. We are the ones that feed ominous existences and entities the energy they need to exist, this alone proves we are also apart of this kind of energy flow, however, this also means they are also apart of us, even while in love and light. This too is important to remember when opening up portholes/doorways to other existences/realities, you are always of this love and light no matter what.

Think on this, how powerful would the financial elite be without the populous feeding them the energy they need to use against us to gain even more energy, more power and wealth? Everything that is ominous can only exist through sucking off energy from other sources, usually light sources that create enormous amounts of energy. The more energy a light source emanates, the more energy ominous energy sources have to use to exist by, and we ask why the world is noticeably becoming more destructive and uncaring.

As I said, the more of the light and love we become, the more we desire to stay as this light and love, in the process, deliberately ignoring ominous energy flows to the extent of totally denying we are any part of these kinds of energy flows. How can't we be apart of something we are feeding so it can exist?

So knowing that we are also apart of these ominous energy sources, why aren't people like me of these kinds of energy flows?

This question is quite simple and the answer to this, which was once personally proven to me to be correct in every sense, is that we are all apart of one thing. It is not just the knowing that we are of, what Buddhism calls nothing or pure awareness or religions call God, but it's actually being this one thing in essence in every sense.

It is advisable to focus on the essence within all things, religiously; this is known to be the spirit of God within all things, the spirit within all things. It is an essence that is within all things no matter how ominous an energy source becomes; this essence can never be touched or influenced by any other energy source. A lot of people these days also call this essence love, an untouchable energy source that is unable to be influenced in any sense. No matter what you call this untouchable unchangeable energy source, it is all of the same source.

The answer is of course to not just know of this essence but be of this essence. Why are some religious people untouchable, even when their physical life is being destroyed? They know they are untouchable while being this essence within all things; Jesus is a prime example of this.

I personally experienced this first hand when approached by ominous sources. All I did was express my awareness and being of this essence, this indestructible essence, and they fled in fear, not in fear of me but in fear of knowing they too are still of this same essence. No ominous source of energy wants to become aware, especially to this extent, for only can this kind of energy source exist in ignorance. Any kind of a pure display of awareness is most unbecoming to ominous energy sources, for their existence is purely based on existing in ignorance. Anyone of love and light, who expresses any kind of ignorance because they judge what is and isn't negative, is feeding this energy flow, it is this simple.

The last thing we need to be is more expressive of ignorance to protect our love and light. Only through a true sense of awareness and being of this essence, can we stop the energy flow to these ominous energy sources. Realise these energy sources can only exist through us, which is very much the same as the financially elite in the world. As I often say, our environment often tells us what we need to know.

Yes, I put Buddhism's nothingness and pure awareness under the same label as the spirit of God. As of pure awareness and nothingness, the spirit of God is also motionless; it all represents peace and tranquilly which is only obtained through being motionless. Pure awareness is motionless; this is why this state is often referred to as being nothingness in Buddhism. How motional is ominous energy sources? The motion at times is unmeasurable because it can only exist through other energy sources and for this to occur, a lot of motion is expressed. We are basically talking about pure ignorance here for if this source of energy was aware, they couldn't exist as they do.

Why would a pure aware tranquil state of energy express motion, especially considering it creates its own energy? Of course we also perceive that all sources of energy are in motion, they are all vibrating therefore in motion. As I have done, you must find this out yourself that not all energy sources are in motion and vibrate. Our own conditioning in a physical reality has conditioned us to perceive otherwise.

My advice is stay away from anything that makes you fear, even fear being of or expressing negativity or the ego period. It is too obvious that a lot of people of this love and light fear tarnishing or diminishing their love and light in any way, they also fear negativity or what they have judged as being negative, this is all based on fear.

Mental illness is usually seen a negative and so are disabled people, do we stay away from these people because we are of love and light? When these people need so much of our assistance, we stay away from them because they are negative!! I look at it this way, anyone who is obvious within their ominous behaviour are seriously disabled through utter ignorance. To egotistically save our own love and light, we ignore and stay away from these negative people.

The present perception is to primarily look after yourself first and foremost so that this energy can envelope the world. This perception sounds awfully like the (I) to me which truly represents egotism and ignorance from anything we judge negative. It is too obvious that this kind of love and light is based on fear, it certainly not the way to use love and light in my mind.

People like me don't fear expressing the ego or being negative is some way, we instead become aware, usually through the help of the environment, of the ego and try to stay away from judging what is or isn't negative. Like I stated before, once you judge a negative, you are in turn feeding this negative exactly what it wants to exist. If we didn't judge so many negatives, could these negatives exist? They simply need our energy to exist and this is exactly what we are presently doing. We certainly need to free ourselves from this entanglement in my mind, however, as usual, what will be will be!!     

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