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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Reality Changing!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I once walked into a barroom situation and completely passively and instantly changed the atmosphere. I did not do this purposely because I try not to interfere or change other people's environments, this would be like forcing my own environment onto others.
Today, I am more mindful in how I interact with other people's environments.

So what is so wrong in changing a non-passive environment to a passive environment?

There is nothing wrong in doing this; it's what humans naturally do in accordance within their own environment. An environment to me represents a person's path in life, has anyone the right to change or influence another person's path especially without consent? What abut the collective human journey as a whole, has anyone the right to change this from its present status.

The opposite of passive is active, we might then presume within this that passive is positive therefore active is negative. So it's alright to change an active (negative) to a positive, but it's not alright to change a passive (positive) to a negative!!

Passive = Positive + motionless

Active = Negative + motion

Humans naturally influence each others paths without consent, either is be passively or actively, but of course passively influencing and even changing other people's paths is more acceptable!!  

Well there you go, I couldn't go on with this post at this point for the reason set out below. I received the following reply in regards to my last post while I was writing this post.  


Our species has ruined our humanity with so many delusional bias opinions... If our species continues to add more delusional unconscious thoughts were heading down a very bad road...

My Reply

What I find strange is that a lot of new age spiritually aware people believe in the hundred monkey theory, where one hundred monkeys influence the rest of the monkeys in the world to become passive in nature.

Children from birth naturally express an unconditional love and/or acceptance, for example, people of other cultures and races without bias or prejudice.

If the hundred monkey theory is correct, why haven't these millions of children influenced a consciousness to become more passive and accepting in nature?

Where you have an already established environment that is conducive to an active mentality as opposed to a passive mentality, and that you then have billions of people who are active by nature, going by the monkey theory, the active is going to win out all the times. The monkey theory actually works but in reverse to what a lot of people think in my mind, this is so evident.

A lot of spiritually aware people are delusional because they exist in a disillusioned environment of an imbalance of active intentions. This delusion that the hundred monkery theory is going to work in a passive way is fraudulent. However, it is natural for a disillusioned consciousness to become delusional; it's actually a very good copping mechanism psychologically, but it's also a lie.

Both active and passive intentions naturally create delusions and lies, but a balance of the two naturally create real realities and truths.  If you look around the world today, it's full of extremes, there is very little balance expressed.  Where there is no balance, there is naturally going to be no wisdom. 


So why can a person like me, go into an active situation and instantly passively change an environment when there are more monkeys that are active?

How many spiritually aware people would critically judge that a barroom situation is negative, especially if it's noisy, abusive, drunkard, aggressive, smelly and so forth? Drinking alcohol is critically judged as a negative to start with. How can you change an environment you have disdain for and/or try to avoid at every level?

To change any environment, especially an active environment, you must first desist in disdain and critical judgement of an environment you want to change. I however stay away from changing other people's environment/paths unless called upon to do so; even then I consider that the soul has a different idea to what the human has of their path. What we are going through has as collective consciousness is part of the process; interfering with this process isn't warranted in my mind, not at this point. We are simply still way too critical, actually, we seem to be spiritually critical more than ever it would seem.

Look at it this way, a highly active barroom situation is normal for an active consciousness and a highly active consciousness is naturally destructive. Once you accept this, only then can you begin to change an environment.

Why then don't the millions of children, who are not critical with their judgment, influence this reality to become more passive?

It matters not how old a body and brain is that a consciousness resides in is, all consciousness is the same while passive, non-active. Basically, all motionless consciousness is of the same exact consciousness, only while experiencing active consciousness is there a difference. Children from birth are being conditioned to active consciousness while existing in an active environment; their focus is on active consciousness, not inactive or passive consciousness.

If the majority of children were brought up in a passive environment, you would soon see a change. The powers at be are doing everything to keep this reality active, coaxing us to critically judge even at the spiritual level is certainly apart of this conditioning.  

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