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Monday, 13 March 2017

Porthole or Portal Dimensions!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

There not dimensional portholes, its portals. A gateway to other realities/dimensions is called a portal, not a porthole!! I often think outside the square, calling a portal a porthole is by no exception, in actually, by no mistake. I actually gave no thought to the difference or separation that these two words create; this is something I often do.

We often think to the language we are most fluent in, as of any language, language is conducive to separation and to concise labelling, usually to give our human consciousness concise comprehension of our environment. Of course separating everything through language understanding isn't really that concise. As an example, concise meaning is to express much in few words, why so many labels then that refer to so many separate identities that can often be very simular in nature?

Imagine you are looking at a ships porthole from within a ship and that the porthole is closed by a porthole that you can't see out of. Now imagine opening up this porthole, what do you see? A completely different reality than what is in the ship itself. What occurs when you see into a dimensional portal is a completely different reality? This is exactly the same as if you were looking out of a ships porthole, often a completely different reality to your present reality inside the ship.

Now imagine climbing out of a ships porthole and falling into the ocean while the ship is at sea. You instantly find yourself in a completely different reality to what is on the ship; this is no different to going through an actual dimensional portal.

Like any dimensional portal, once you find yourself in the middle of an ocean, you may make it back to your initial or previous reality and you may not. Of course death is but another porthole/portal one will enter into to find themselves in another completely different reality, in actuality, entering into porthole/portals is a fact of life.

As a porthole of a ship has a doorway/gateway to another reality to what is in the ship itself, so are demesnial portals, they really represent the same exact thing, a view to a different reality that we may or may not enter into.

I am not into using language to separate everything and label everything within their given slots. Language, especially the English language, is into separating everything by looking at the dissimilarities within everything, not the similarities.

Most people are unaware that they are conditioned to primarily looking at the dissimilarities within everything, for example, how often do we use the label negative or positive in turn creating more separation. As we become more spiritual, how often do we separate ourselves from everything else that we judge as negative or even toxic? How often do we use language to give ourselves separate labels to everything else that is judged as being non-spiritual?

One of the reasons why my expressions are often incomprehensible to a lot of people, is to do with my views to life. Instead of looking for and at the dissimilarities of my environment, I look at the similarities. Of course in a reality based on looking at and for the dissimilarities, it is obvious that people like me are going to be incomprehensible to a lot of people. I suppose my semi-illiterate state doesn't help either, but only to a person into separatism and looking at and for dissimilarities instead of the similarities within our environment.

Try to free yourself from the conditioning of looking for and at the dissimilarities of life, and try to use language to see these similarities instead of the dissimilarities.  

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