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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Good News for the Aware and Wise

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently had a good friend of mine share an article with me that they recently themselves came across, it's to do with a hypnotised woman describing the upcoming changes in the world. I will insert the link to this article. Of course the most bizarre and incomprehensible points relate to my own writings going back to my first blog in 2011, and even to one of my first posts titled vibrations alive. Vibration alive relate to everything is alive in one sense or another; all is of one consciousness even while being expressed and experienced as a separate consciousness.

How can a rock or a pen be alive for example?

Physicality: Because we are conditioned to 3rd dimensional thinking and that we perceive primarily through physicality, a focus on the satisfaction of physical drives and appetites, we presume this is what all physical realities are like. In actuality, our perception and experience of our kind of 3rd dimensional physical being is minuscule compared to what is really of physical being. To us, everything alive means being of a biological form, all other forms other than biological is not alive and of non-conscious relatives, this is basically why many people cannot perceive the mind existing void of a physical brain.

We relate that all biological form is alive but we don't even relate that all biological form is of a kind of consciousness, in turn, our own relative thinking is limited to certain perspectives of what is and isn't alive and/or of a consciousness.

However, the good news is for anyone who is aware and also wise, our comprehension of everything being of a consciousness and alive, will come within the process of our own consciousness evolving from human consciousness. Yes that is right, human conscious will not evolve, we will instead evolve from human consciousness. Human consciousness is naturally limited to certain perspectives and perceptions; this is what makes human consciousness human. Our perceptions of a higher and/or a God like consciousness, was to assist in human consciousness becoming less destructive, for the collective consciousness as a whole, this clearly didn't occur.

How many people into spirituality today have a disdain for religion for example? Religion had/has a purpose which it lost and found many times over, particularly in the west and parts of the east. The purpose of religion was to keep us connected to this God consciousness, basically, to balance out the ignorance and limitations of human consciousness with an unlimited consciousness. Today, atheism/Zionism is in control of the physical world, and we wonder why the world is in a mess, a lot of us have obviously simply lost this connection. Even a lot of spiritually aware people have lost this connection through their disdain and judgment of negatives like religion; many of these people even have disdain of the expressions of balance!!  

Yin and Yang: Let's look at the yin and yang symbol, it represents pure balance in that yin is apart of yang as yang is apart of yin. I should state I am not advocating Taoism here, I think the yin and yang symbol is a perfect representation of pure harmonious balance that is all. What this means is there is no separation between good and bad, light and dark, negative and positive and even love and hate. How many of us only desire to become aware of the dissimilarities of love and hate? Within perceiving like this, all we will create is even more separation, not less, and we still wonder why the world is still in mess. We have separated the yin and yang by only desiring to become aware of the dissimilarities of all judged negatives and positives. Actually, the similarities between, for example love and hate, are insurmountable, of course you will only want or be able to acknowledge this if you also become aware of their similarities which far outweigh their dissimilarities.

I find it strange that an intelligent being hasn't even worked out the importance of the yin and yang symbol. I think we are only intelligent in the areas we desire to be intelligent in, of course our bias for the yin and yang symbol might have something to do with this, it's after all of another ideology/philosophy. The separation expressed within this human consciousness is incredible through bias and only desiring to be aware of the dissimilarities between everything, not the similarities. The wise always look for the similarities while being aware at the same time of the dissimilarities. The dissimilarities never become a bias for the wise.     

Contradictions: Many would say that it's unintelligent, and even hypocritical, to believe in one thing one moment and something quite the opposite in the next moment. Within a reality of motion, therefore a depiction of an active existence, a finite existence, I know of many people to change their minds, for example, one year they don't believe in climate change and the next year they do, which is usually spurred on by becoming more aware void of bias.

One moment people like me are stating it's wise to become aware of being the observer, motionless, rather than a participator, the next moment we are participating which causes motion. Only through contradiction can a consciousness evolve, becoming fixated to an idea or an ideology or a particular type of philosophy, is not evolving. Contradiction allows one's own consciousness to evolve; this perception was endorsed by an 80 odd year old yoga teacher/friend of mine.

Expect to be contradictive when connecting our passive existence with an active existence. We can be contradictive in an active existence; we of course are going to be more contradictive at times when connecting these two existences. Simply allow yourself to evolve void of critical judgment.    

I am actually talking about a contradiction in terms of the yin and yang here in perfect balance and harmony, not a contradiction in terms of separation or the awareness only of the dissimilarities of all things. To put it simply, there is no separation between being the observer and a participator, only when there is separation, through only being aware of the dissimilarities between these two, can we become truly contradictive. Basically, contradicting yourself, especially through being aware of the similarities of all things, is not just intelligent but a wise thing to do. Contradictions in this sense just shows how wise a person has become, however, if I was to contradict myself while only desiring to be aware of the dissimilarities, this isn't a sign of wisdom for their is no wisdom in extremes and imbalances or bias.

As it's going to be impossible for a lot of people to comprehend the present consciousness shift, what I have written here is going to be incomprehensible. My best advice is, try to condition yourself to become aware of the similarities of all things. We have simply become too conditioned to desiring to become aware of the dissimilarities within all things. Only through these extreme separations have we created the reality we have today.

Only through being wise can we be truly free of our created encumbrances.......                        

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