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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Conditioned to Incomprehensibility

Written by Mathew Naismith

My lovely wife came across the following rhyme after hearing me speak of how wisdom is no longer apparent within our daily existence. My wife only observed the wisdom of the rhyme, not what the rhyme was actually portraying, that men do not hear or listen enough. The wisdom being that we can speak too much and not hear enough of what we are speaking about, this was basically what the discussion with my wife was about. My darling wife did not observe the actual meaning of the rhyme but the wisdom of the rhyme. There was no depiction of a negative or positive, black or white, within her observation of the rhyme. This kind of observation is very rare it seems, observing the wisdom in things before anything else.           

"There was an owl who lived in an oak tree. The more he heard, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Oh, if men were like that wise bird."

The following was in response to the question of making allowances for people who are unable to comprehend anything beyond their own conditioning. The conditioning here is pertaining to expressing extremes as opposed to expressing balance.  

In the west in particular it would seem, we are conditioned from birth to exist in separation with our environment, is this a relative excuse to ignore what our natural surroundings can teach us about balance?

When you also consider a lack of being conditioned to wisdom, I think this is a relative excuse to ignore what our environment can teach us.

However, I think many of us are at the stage where we are deliberately ignoring what our environment can teach us. Of course when we gain wisdom, we see it quite differently as you seem to have done. Wisdom is an important relative towards observing the balance in our environment.

We seem to have gotten to the point of deliberately ignoring instead of just being unaware, probably because of the lack of wisdom.

I think any consciousness existing void of wisdom is going to be imbalanced therefore extreme and destructive by nature. There is nothing wrong with existing like this, however, if we are serious in changing our ways, we need to be aware and more conditioned to wisdom than separation it would seem, this clearly isn't occurring.

The reason I say this isn't occurring, is we are obviously still fixated to extremes.  Any expressions of extremes indicate that the said consciousness is any thing but conditioned to wisdom. All extremes to me indicate separation to excess; it is obvious this kind of existence/consciousness is void of wisdom thus unable to observe balance within the environment.

Basically, we no longer have the tools to observe and learn balance from our environment any more. We instead replaced wisdom with separation through excess expressions of extremes.


The following is another response I gave in relation to comprehending anything not of our own mind set, especially words of wisdom. Wisdom is certainly being replaced with extreme reactions and counteractions these days. 

The means of learning from wisdom is still there, it's just we seem to have gotten to a point where we no longer able to comprehend wisdom as this, particularly in the west.
We might become aware of this kind of wisdom, but we don't truly comprehend its meaning, we have lost this ability through our fixations to extremes it would seem.

Spirituality is being used and abused once again as a feel good practice; it was never intended for this. Spirituality to me is about connections beyond human conscious understanding, feeling good comes at best to this, actually, feeling good is apart of the natural process of becoming connected. We have indeed abused this once again for self-gratification.         

Wisdom is the ability to observe without bias, at no time is this kind of observation a state of excessive thinking and analysing; it's a pure state of observation. As an example, there are no true black and white's, negative and positives; there is only observation of motion void of analytical analysis. There are no true wrong and rights, only expressions of motions.

As spirituality is suppose to be about connections, it's also supposed to be about wisdom, this again is no longer the case it would seem. Extreme expressions and self-gratifications have nothing to do with a true sense of spirituality and wisdom to me. It's sad to see spirituality being once again abused in this fashion.


I also wrote the following in response that all validation is of external sources. Also, the mind is a doorway to other worlds, realms and realities; we often comprehend that the mind is just of a physical spectrum.    

Indeed, to know you are abundance takes a balanced mind to realise this in the first place. A mind focused on extremes will never realise this abundance, only the abundance found externally which is often transitory. All extreme expressions are external.

The mind to me is a doorway to external and internal worlds/realms. We often make the mistake and think that the mind is of external worlds only, of the physical worlds.

Having balanced views assists us to use the mind as a doorway to our inner world, a world we have often forgotten about.

External validation isn't quite correct because it's the mind that needs validation, and it's but a doorway to all worlds. If this doorway is not balanced within itself, the worlds we experience through these doorways will be the same.

How many people look upon the mind as being a doorway, a gate to other worlds and dimensions? It's obviously important we have a balanced perceptions/mind.

The mind is a stargate, this is obvious for the mind still exists after so-called death. The mind indeed transcends realities, if the mind is imbalanced, so is the realities experienced, even after death.

We look upon the mind as an external entity that needs external validation, big mistake in my mind. My mind receives more validation from internal sources than external sources these days, only because my mind is open and aware to all I am, not just to all I desire to be of!!

How many people truly comprehend that the mind is but a doorway to other worlds, realities and realms? We have been conditioned to think the mind is only a physical entity and anything of the mind is of the ego mind. Everyone's mind is indeed a stargate, a gate/doorway to limitless infinite conscious occurrences. 

Yes, most of what I write about is incomprehensible to a lot of people; this has been stated to me a number of times. As the ego mind often does, anything incomprehensible, especially when it questions our own perceptions, is often refuted and denounced. If I did this myself, I would be aware of very little these days.

We desire to be free from our environment around us, but we are at the same time unwilling to let go of extreme expressions that negate wisdom. Only in and through wisdom will we truly be free, the problem being, one has to be wise to some extent in the first place to start being truly free of our own extreme expressions.

Can a consciousness become that extreme within there expressions, that the said consciousness will be unable to free itself from these limiting extreme expressions? I have observed that many of us have reached this stage, in the process, denounce any wisdom in the contrary to their own extreme expressions. Collectively, we are in a mess, a mess we have created ourselves, however, there is an answer to this, but we must be willing to free ourselves from our extreme expressions.     

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